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- If you have signed up previously, then your information is still preserved in our system, however please check it over carefully. Some of the answers will need to be updated (such as the grade your child is entering). If you do not remember your password, it can be automatically emailed to you.

- Early-bird registration begins on October 15th of each year and ends on November 14th. If registering prior to November 14th for our early enrollment prices, please remember that the balance must be paid in full. After November 14th, you may opt to pay a $200 deposit/week with the remainder of the balance due by April 1st. After April 1st, all registrations must be paid in full. If registering for Camp Mirror Lake, the balance must be paid in full throughout the year.

- If you are registering for different amounts of weeks for our Junior/Teen program and are wondering how to calculate the fees, our system will do that for you automatically.

- If you are unsure of an answer on the registration form or do not have the current information, simply type "will update" into the space and you will be able to revise it at a later time. Be sure to type out those two words so that we know the information still needs to be updated! When you are ready to update the information at a later time, log into your account using the link below.

- If you need to do anything that requires leaving your computer for a significant period of time while registering, please be aware that the system will time-out after 20 minutes if you have not hit a key in that length of time. If you hit any key, you will have 20 minutes from that moment to complete the form..

- Age requirements for camp are based on the camper's age by September 1st (i.e. Junior Discovery is for camper's 4-10. Your child would need to be 4 by September 1st). If your child would like to attend a program but is either slightly too old or too young, depending on various considerations, we may be able to accept him/her. Please contact us if this is the case.

- If registering your child for different camps (i.e. if you want Johnny to be enrolled in Junior Discovery one week and Ultimate Tennis Camp the next), the system is set up so that you will set up each camp separately. For example, you will choose the camp Junior Discovery, how many weeks, if you need busing, etc. and then you will choose Ultimate Tennis Camp, which weeks, if you need busing, etc.

- If you are looking to make changes to your current registration that involved decreasing the number of weeks or switching weeks, please contact us as those changes must be made manually. We also recommend that you review the bottom of our "Policies" page by clicking here.

- If registering for the last week of camp, please remember that camp closes at 1:00PM on that Friday and there are no afternoon extended day services for that day.

- Our lacrosse camp has been canceled for this season, however we will be relaunching it for 2014!

- If you are registering more than one child, it will be helpful to remember that after you have selected an event and input all your first child's information, the system will take you to your cart. From there, to add a second event, you need to select that participant in the drop down menu on the cart page and then go through the process again.

- If you are wondering about the security of our registration system, it operates on a secure server. Any webpage you visit that has an address beginning with "https" instead of "http" is a secure website in which it is safe to conduct transactions. When you click on the registration button below, you will likewise see the "http" above change to "https."

- Lastly, we hope you have seen the ads, received an email or heard the news, but if not, OUR MAIN CAMP FOR 2013 IS MOVING TO WESTFORD, MA! Camp Mirror Lake will remain on Devens!

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