About Us

The Marcus Lewis Day Camp (MLDC) is the result of a concept that was shaped through consumer feedback and ultimately put into motion. Since our first year of operation, the camp has been the highest rated day camp in the Metrowest area.

Between the curriculum, staff, resources, safety measures and some of the unique systems we have implemented, we can guarantee that your child will have an experience that is beyond the norm!

What Needs to be Better?

Prior to The MLDC’s creation, parents were polled about issues they had with their current camp options. The feedback will undoubtedly resonate with anyone familiar with sending their child to summer camp:

  1. Cost
  2. Staff maturity
  3. Limited activities available
  4. Minimally challenging
  5. Child enjoys some/not all activities

The question that had to be answered was, is it possible to create a program that:

  1. Is more affordable
  2. Employs a staff that is at least 18 years of age
  3. Offers an unprecedented number of activities
  4. Becomes progressively more challenging
  5. Offers campers a choice of their activities and the ability to design a more customized experience on a daily basis

After researching what would be required and the resources that were available, the answer was an emphatic “YES!”

Our fees are lower than any tier-one* multi-recreational program across the board and they are lower than most tier-two** operations when registering for multiple weeks. If you would like to see a comparison chart of programs of other, local tier-one programs, click here.

ALL of the lead staff are minimally 18 years of age and our electives/specialists hail from such organizations as Animal Planet, Tufts University, Guard Up!, Boston Improv, and many, many more.

There are an extraordinary number of activities offered throughout the summer, many of which are exclusive to the program, and exercises are designed to become more challenging as a camper’s skill level increases.

Electives: Even More Options!

On top of the activity choices for that day, our teens are presented with special electives on Tuesdays and Thursdays that allow them to specialize for two-hour blocks of time. What if he/she does not find the special electives appealing? No problem! There is always the option to remain with the other activity choices. You can take a look at our electives calendar to see what is in store for those periods.

Spirit: A New Meaning

The last piece of the puzzle before launching this program was to find a way to actively promote and reinforce specific, personal qualities to our campers. How do you truly encourage a camper to be responsible? How do you motivate a camper to interact when that is not their personality? Our exclusive Spirit System became the answer. Please click here if you would like to read about how we motivate campers to be the best they can be.

Money-Back Guarantee? Impossible!

No, it’s not impossible; especially when you have:

  • price structure that is less than others in your tier
  • Staffing that is truly superior (many camps say it, but how many will risk their income on it?)
  • Over 100 unique activities
  • A curriculum that campers design on a daily basis
  • A system of genuine, positive reinforcement that leaves campers feeling great about who they are

Regardless of personality type, age or disposition, The MLDC will fit the camper; the camper does not have to fit this program. That fact makes for an unusually low attrition rate and an extremely high satisfaction quotient. This is particularly true of our teen campers enrolling in the program. The MLDC is not labeled as a “kiddie camp” as can often be the case in this industry when an environment is adequate for younger campers but lacking stimulation for the older attendees.

Our program reviews have been exceptional, such that we are the only camp we know of that will make an offer of a money-back guarantee if a camper’s experience is unsatisfactory. We are often queried about the differences between our organization and similar camps and have constructed comparison pages contrasting respective differences. If interested, please email us and we will direct you to the appropriate information via a link.

Family Involvement:

Our camping philosophy is based on the belief that feedback and suggestions from campers, parents, and staff play an integral role in the development of our programming. We value our families’ thoughts about our camp and welcome their perspectives in helping us assess our programs. We gather information through a yearly parent survey as well as feedback directly from the campers.  This allows us to incorporate suggestions and feedback into the tapestry of our camp community.

* Tier-One = Possessing both a comprehensive waterfront program & transportation services
** Tier-two = Stronger than basic recreation programs yet not as expansive as tier-one operations
*** Tier-three = Basic essentials/very inexpensive