Primary Activity Areas

Our program consists of eleven, primary activity areas that jointly offer more than 100 different choices throughout the summer. All of these options are rotated throughout the season and are not offered all at the same time, making each week a unique experience from the previous one. Some of the individual activities are listed at the bottom of this page. By clicking on the name, you can view a picture of the activity in action or feel free to read about each activity area. If you would like to see more of our Teen Electives and our calendar of special activities that will be happening throughout summer, then click here.

Build & Design

Our Build & Design activity area was created to help campers tap into their creative side as well as teach them the basics of engineering. Participants will be able to design Lego structures, test the strength of their gumdrop creation, choose a paper airplane design and measure the distance it will fly; the possibilities for this area are limitless and always challenging. Everything from building an outdoor structure for survival to making a small engine and understanding what causes it to run are covered in this environment. For some campers, this will likely be the activity area that is made for them, however, regardless of a camper’s disposition, the variation of activities combined with the self-challenging nature of the tasks will captivate virtually any mind.

The Waterfront

Our waterfront exists on Burges Pond in the heart of Westford Woods.; a georgous woodland paradise in the heart of Westford. The the water body is considered a Great Pond (a natural body of water that is larger than 10 acres) and supports three, distinct beaches back in a time when there were three different camps utilizing the area.

Many ponds and lakes in the Commonwealth suffer from contamination from man-made sources, however Burges Pond sits in the center of conservation land, making it safe for any type of water activity.

Utilizing a progressive boating curriculum, campers learn the skills of rowing, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing. Our activity specialist who is certified in Smallcraft Safety and skilled in all areas of boating, teaches campers boating skills and water safety. Campers are grouped by age and ability. The counselor also assists at the waterfront where rescue equipment as well as lifeguards are present at all times. Campers are often invited to the challenge of a treasure hunt, canoe races and taking a lesson learning to roll the kayak.


Cast your line and bait your hook; our water body is loaded with more fish than campers can imagine…and they are BIG! The favorite of many MLDC campers, lessons in digging for worms and getting those slimy salmon eggs on the hook prove to be just one of the many attractions of our fishing program. Campers also learn how to repair their rods and store their equipment. Pulling out those row boats and learning patience are additional skills that come with being a great fisherperson.

Sports & Games

Certified physical education teachers serve as our instructors for sports and games. Campers learn the importance of team and skill development. Campers may participate in soccer, basketball, bocce, croquet, lacrosse, softball, baseball, lawn bowling, disc golf, team building initiatives, human horseshoes and golf to name just a few. We also encourage some friendly competition with all camp tug-o-war, Alaskan baseball or maybe even lassoing. All sports and games activities are age appropriate and based on camper ability. Emphasis is put on the coopertive component of the activities.


The MLDC provides both a climbing and high-element adventure course. The challenges range from basic to a high level in difficulty. The “log walk,” “two-line bridge,” “multi-line” and the perch leap push campers to new heights (no pun intended).

The camp also sports the Four Trees of Climbing. They are literally four different trees, each with a unique set of hand-holds that a climber must figure out how to scale.

To top it off, we created a climbing “Hall of Fame” with the names of campers who have set speed records for negotiating each element.

In keeping with MLDC standards, only professionally trained instructors operate the tower or the swing to ensure the highest level of safety possible.

Nature & Outdoor Skills

Our Nature & Outdoor skills activity area serves as an outlet for campers to better understand their environment and to learn the tools to live in our environment with minimal impact. Activities in this area may include the following: tree identification and bird calling, animal education, camp craft (tent site selection, leave no trace, fire building, etc.), nature craft, recycling and science. Using an experiential model, campers participate in all activities in a “hands on” manner.


Each day, campers at the MLDC have the opportunity to swim during a free swim block, as well as take part in our Red Cross swimming lessons. Campers progress through the standards set forth by the Red Cross and receive a certificate or weekly development report. During lessons, campers are divided into ability levels based on the information provided on the Camper Information Sheet and our own swim assessment test.

Arts & Crafts

Our crafts corner creates lessons to increase a camper’s creative mind and fine motor skills. Activity specialists promote choice in projects that include candle making, pottery, jewlery making, gimp, tie-dying, scratch board printing, dream catchers, painting with acrylics, oils, sponges and watercolors, collage, print making, drawing, papier mach√© and more. Because all of our activity areas follow a weekly theme, campers do not repeat lessons unless they choose to. This allows returning campers to grow in their development and curiosity. This activity area has indoor space but also utilizes the outdoors when appropriate. All supplies are provided, however we may ask for assistance when using recyclables.

Rock-It Science

Would you like to make a volcano? How about a tornado? A crystal tree? Our Mad Science program is sure to pique the interest of any type of camper who loves to learn as well as put that learning into motion. The dynamic experiments and intriguing projects we have developed are both unique and exceptionally captivating. Many of the projects are tiered in their complexity for varying ages and the hands-on nature of the experiments are sure to spark the minds of all participants!


Historically archery has been the most popular general activity at the camp since the camp first opened in 2002. What makes it so special? Archery in itself is an enjoyable challenge, however it’s the curriculum that gives this specialty an entirely new dimension. Battleship Archery, Archery Poker and High/Low are just a few of the unique games that campers play.

Zip Line

There are zip lines and then there are zip lines.The MLDC zip line is one of only a small number that put the camper right into the water! Campers start up on a high perch before jumping off, picking up speed and then going SPLASH!

First timers can let their feet dangle and gently enter the water. Veterans lift their feet, pick up even more speed and then make serious waves. Our row boat is right there to bring the camper ashore and have them do it all over again!


Dance, drama, music and multi-media set the stage for this activity area. The activity specialist is a seasoned performer who teaches campers about the importance of space, projection and improvisation. Camp songs are also introduced in this specialty program. Campers may participate in subject areas based on interest and talent. Additionally, all performances are themed in conjunction with the all-camp special events. Other activities include puppetry, mime, scenery making and musicals. Video production, videography and digital photography are some of the multi-media areas that campers can explore.

Sample Activities

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