Camp Apex

Autism Spectrum Disorder has become a growing challenge for both parents as well as service providers. Although great strides have been made in addressing the needs of individuals with a diagnosis of being on the spectrum, there is still a long way to go.

Since the inception of The MLDC, the program has accepted children with ASD on an informal and limited basis. Our older staff members and low ratios made working with high-functioning kids viable within our program.

Each year we would receive new campers who were referred to us from former campers, however we consistently wondered why parents were seeking us out specifically for this condition. We began taking a closer look at the reasons and the answer quickly became clear; there are no specific summer services in the area for children with ASD. During the school year, kids have access to resources within the educational system, but at the end of June it’s a different story.

The premise behind Camp Apex is to provide an environment where high-functioning children with ASD can improve their social skills, learn to make eye contact and engage in conversation. What better place to do that than in camp! Without possessing those attributes, kids with ASD realize that they are treated differently by their peers and most often in a negative fashion. Our goal is help these kids make strides toward understanding the various facets of interpersonal interaction.

This program is for high-functioning children and we are limiting the space to only 10 spots per week. Campers are accepted on a case-by-case basis and must be approved prior to registering. Pricing is structured based on the degree of assistance necessary. For a child who comes with his/her own aid, the cost is the same as our Junior Discovery and Teen Exploration camps. If an aid is needed, you will have a choice of an LIT II (16-17 Leader/Buddy/Assistant) to be with your child for the day. This Leader would assist your child with daily activities, encourage friendships and help your child to navigate the program. The cost of this is an additional $250 per week. If you believe your child requires more intense guidance or supervision throughout the day, we will assign someone with greater experience in this area who will be his/her one-on-one supervisor at $15 /hour. This person would be at least 21 years of age and have experience with this level of monitoring. We can only guarantee assistance if we know before April 1, so that we can secure a compatible aid for your child.

Each week has a distinct theme.

MLDC 2020 Theme Weeks:
week 1 : Kick off to Summer 2019
week 2 : Party In The USA
week 3 : Magic and Mystery Week
week 4 : Around the World
week 5 : Adventureland
week 6 : Camp Olympics
week 7 : MLDC Rocks!!
week 8 : Wet ‘n Wild
week 9 : Hard to Say Goodbye

Sample Daily Schedule For Camp Apex :