Gamer’s World

Gamers’ World is an opportunity for video “gamers” to come together and play a number of both solo and team games along with other video game enthusiasts. This camp gives kids an opportunity to play and interact with others who have the same passion for “gaming” without being isolated at home away from their peers.

We have split this activity into two age brackets: “Gamers’ World Junior” and “Gamers’ World Teen.” The junior version is for campers ages 6-10 and we only utilize games that have an “E” rating (E = for Everyone) or are equivalently appropriate. Games such as “Sims 3,” “Minecraft” or the racing game, “Dirt,” are a few of the available options to this group. In the teen program, campers are able to play some of the most popular titles that have a rating of “T” or lower (T = Teen). Examples of their choices include “Call of Duty” and “Star Craft 2.” If players are not used to the PC controls, then fear not…we have equipped each system with a USB controller similar to an Xbox or Playstation.

Like most of our specialty camps, this is a two-period program which means that the participants will be choosing other activities for their day. If you are a parent who is looking for a balanced approach to your child’s use of a computer, then this is a great option. Campers will get to have some of what they want along with participating in a number of other recreational exploits.

A tremendous advantage with all of our specialty camps is that campers can participate in the many other activities that are offered during the afternoons by joining in with their Junior Discovery group or the Teen Exploration program.

Campers registered for specialty programs also have the option of taking the morning off from their specialty to join the Junior Discovery or Teen Exploration camps if they would prefer instead to participate in those activities. Again, there is fantastic flexibility with these programs so that your camper returns to you with a wonderful smile and great stories to share.

Dates and rates for this and all camps can be accessed via the link menu on the left or by clicking here. Our exceptional lunch program is also included with this camp.


Sample Daily Schedule For Gamers’ World :