Junior Training Tennis Camp

For campers that have some basic familiarity with playing the game and who love the sport, we suggest our Junior Training Tennis Camp (JTC).

JTC is designed particularly for players who are looking to gain an advantage in next year’s team tryouts for their high school or who are looking to play at the collegiate level. The program is operated at The Marcus Lewis Tennis Center located in Acton and it is run by a core of trained instructors; not general camp counselors).

Campers in this program head to the courts and train throughout the mornings engaging in a number of drills and plenty of match play. They then return to the campsite to enjoy the various activities offered in our Junior Discovery and Teen Exploration camps in the afternoons.

Campers registered for specialty programs also have the option of taking the morning off from their specialty to join the Junior Discovery or Teen Exploration camps if they would prefer instead to participate in those activities. Again, there is fantastic flexibility with these programs so that your camper returns to you with a wonderful smile and great stories to share.

Dates and rates for this and all camps can be accessed via the link menu on the left or by clicking here. Our exceptional lunch program is also included with this camp.

Sample Daily Schedule For Junior Tennis Training Camp :