Camp Laser Zone

Most day camp programs that offer laser tag do so by subcontracting the activity to another organization that specializes in it. The main drawbacks are that these outside organizations can charge a premium fee and also that the amount of time kids get to play is often minimal. In response, we purchased our own, high-end equipment and we run laser tag under our own umbrella. We also pulled out all the stops and have purchased the best equipment out there. You almost need to see what this gear can do to believe what is awaiting campers in this program (click here).

Besides the equipment, the area for our battles is a wooded zone with plenty of obstacles, hiding places and areas for open-field battles.

Between the equipment, the location and our Laser Zone curriculum, campers can expect to have an incredible time playing laser tag each day.

A tremendous advantage with all of our specialty camps is that campers can participate in the many other activities that are offered during the afternoons by joining in with their Junior Discovery group or the Teen Exploration program.

Campers registered for specialty programs also have the option of taking the morning off from their specialty to join the Junior Discovery or Teen Exploration camps if they would prefer instead to participate in those activities. Again, there is fantastic flexibility with these programs so that your camper returns to you with a wonderful smile and great stories to share.

Dates and rates for this and all camps can be accessed via the link menu on the left or by clicking here. Our exceptional lunch program is also included with this camp.

Sample Daily Schedule for Camp Laser Tag: