Amazing Lunch Options

Like most things at The MLDC, lunch is very different with our program. Parents have come to expect superlative standards in everything we offer and food is no exception.

During our first few years, we opted not to go the cafeteria route that is standard amongst camps that serve food. Instead we chose to wait until we could offer something that has more parental involvement, more nutrition and of course…more choice!

During the registration process, parents can actually choose which meal their child will have each day. There are two, primary choices, one of which is always vegetarian. We have also identified “camp favorites” such as our pizza bagels which we offer twice each week.

In addition, campers also have access to our “Bagel Bar” with jellies, cream cheese & butter as well as our “Pasta Salad Bar” with rotating pastas and seasonings. We also have fresh fruit bowls with apples, bananas and oranges, veggies w/dip and yogurts.

Monday : Sesame Lo Mein & Fig Newtons OR deli turkey w/a bulkie roll & Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups
Tuesday : Pizza bagels & granola bites OR Italian sub & Frito Lay Sun Chips
Wednesday : Mexican rice & bean salad & Quakers Chewy Granola Bars OR breast of chicken wrap & Snyder Lunchable Pretzels
Thursday : Veggie bowtie pasta & string cheese OR ham & cheese wrap and Kellogg rice crispy treats
Friday : Pizza bagels & Quakers chewy granola bars OR roast beef sandwich & Frito Lay Doritoes

Drink options for both menus include ice-cold water, punch or lemonade. Both lunch AND TWO SNACKS are included in every child’s tuition for our primary camps. All lunches are always nut-free and campers have the option of bringing their own if they still prefer mom’s cooking.