Parent Reviews

The best indicator of a camp’s quality are the reviews from actual parents of campers. Typically, camps will print an italicized quote without reference to where the quote came from. At the MLDC, a number of parents have volunteered to offer their reviews of the program as well as display a photograph of themselves and their child(ren). None of them have received any form of compensation, discount or other favor for their comments. Click here if you would like to speak with someone who has attended our camp from your own town!

Martha's son's, Domenic, Anna & Dino

- Acton, MA

``My three kids (ages 12, 10, and 7) are experienced day campers. They tried Marcus Lewis Day Camp for the first time this past summer, for two weeks, including Junior Discovery Camp, Day Trip Adventures, and Horseback Camp. I knew it was a great choice when after the second day, they were already talking about which Marcus Lewis camps they wanted to try next summer! During that first week, it rained practically every day, but my kids were as excited with the indoor activities as they were outdoors on sunny days…another mark of an outstanding camp. One reason for this, I noticed, is that even quieter activities, including a wide range of crafts and games, include quality materials and quality instruction. At other camps, my kids were often bored on rainy days.

Junior Discovery Camp lets campers choose their daily activities. Marcus has figured out that when you let kids do what they really want to do, they have a better time. The variety of choices is HUGE, and there are fun surprises thrown in - for example, my daughter was excited to choose a short bus trip to Kimball's one day. She also loved her week at Horseback Camp, which provides expert instruction on grooming and riding, and my older son came home raving about Day Trip Adventures, such as paintball and white water rafting.

As a parent, there are MANY things I appreciate about Marcus Lewis Day Camp. Marcus hires excellent counselors, and while the kids are challenged with activities like the massive climbing wall and ropes, he clearly puts safety and security first. I also appreciate the flexibility of being able to schedule one week at a time, versus locking into a specific two-week or month-long block as some other camps require. Marcus rewards referring other kids to camp, so I invited my kids' friends to go with them and got a good-sized refund later on in the summer. My youngest son especially appreciated having his best friend join him. I also love that lunch is provided - the kids got to set up their own healthy menu for the week, and I was spared having to pack bag lunches like I did for other camps. Finally, I wanted my younger kids to get swim lessons, and Red Cross swim instruction is provided three times each week at Junior Discovery Camp.

I think one of the smartest things Marcus does is listen to his customers - including both parents and kids. Instead of using a standard formula for day camps, he really pursues and listens to feedback, and finds out-of-the-box ways to accommodate. If you want your kids to have a quality summer camp experience, you can't go wrong with Marcus Lewis Day Camp.``

Phil & Beth's son, Graham (far right)

- Bolton, MA

``Just prior to the start of camp our world came to an abrupt halt: after rushing our son Graham to the hospital and a battery of tests, we discovered that he had Type I Diabetes – a condition that will persist for the rest of his life. While in the hospital we assured Graham that he would be able to continue doing all of those things he so much enjoyed. We got home and the next day went to MLDC where the staff went right to work making Graham feel comfortable and seeing to it that he could do those activities he was looking forward to with his friends. It was his first experience out of the hospital and a much needed confidence booster. They made it work and Graham had a great time.

Thank you for this much needed positive experience!``

Lisa with her son Matt

- Groton, MA

``What a great time our son Matthew had at Marcus Lewis Day Camp!! This was the second year in a row Matthew has attended teen camp. MLDC offers many choices of activities for the children to take part in. Some of Matthew's favorite activities from last summer included archery, fishing and making decorative etched glass. We researched several local summer camps before before finally deciding upon MLDC. Once we read the many positive reviews and had an opportunity to speak with some of the camp staff our decision was an easy one.

Nearly each morning when dropping Matthew off for camp we were greeted by Marcus. It is comforting to see a camp director so involved in all aspects of his program that he takes the time to greet each camper and family almost every morning. We were confident that our son was in good hands.

Without a doubt Matthew will again attend MLDC this year. There are many day camp choices a vailable in the area, but after two amazing summers at MLDC it would be near impossible to find a better run camp that offers so much for the kids at such a reasonable price.``

Becky & David with their sons Andy & Scott

- Westford, MA

``Both of my boys enjoyed the Marcus Lewis Camp immensely. My younger son, Scott, went for 3 summers and (ages 11, 12 and 13) and he was thrilled with the Teen Exploration camp. He enjoyed having different choices and came home tired and happy each day. Andy, my older son, attended this past summer for the first time at age 16. He had a great week in the ``daytrip adventure camp`` going on a different trip each day. After that, he enjoyed being a part of the regular camp for another 2 weeks. This camp truly has something for every camper and I highly recommend it for kids who just want to be kids and enjoy the summer as well as for parents who want to provide some summer structure!``

Cynthia with her daughters Julia & Emily

- Harvard, MA

``I grew up attending an absolutely fabulous YMCA camp (that's still operating in southeastern Mass!) so my standards were very high when I began looking for a day camp for my girls. Well how fortunate for us to be living so nearby to the Marcus Lewis Day Camp. Last summer was our first year at MLDC and the girls just came home beaming every day from all the fun activities under the care of a wonderfully enthusiastic staff. And, they really learned how to swim -- so there is something magical happening over there!! Without hesitation I highly recommend the Marcus Lewis Day Camp to anyone looking for a robust program of summer activities for all ages.``

Stacey with her daughters Sarah & Kayleigh

- Westford, MA

``My two daughters, ages 8 and 6, have attended multiple camps in the local area and they don’t hesitate for a minute to say that Marcus Lewis is their favorite. The camp is simply in a different league relative to other local camps. The diversity of activities offered on a daily basis and quality of the counselors is unmatched. Every morning a friendly face is waiting to greet the children as they get out of the car, and at the end of the day, my kids were always excited and full of stories about how much fun they had doing the various activities.

There is something at this camp for everyone and the facilities and staff are wonderful. For parents, the organization and communication by the camp is outstanding. I would not hesitate to highly recommend this camp to anyone seeking a fun-filled, safe, and exciting summer experience for their children. My kids can’t wait to return to Marcus Lewis this summer!``

Carolyn & Paul with their children Maya, Leila and Heather

- Harvard, MA

``We have attended the Marcus Lewis Day Camp for four summers so far and my girls love it. The younger ones couldn't wait until it was their turn to go too! Some of the things they love about it are the horseback riding, the counselors, and the variety of activities from which they get to choose. For my oldest daughter, the teen exploration and day trip weeks have been a huge amount of fun, and a terrific value for the money.

Among the little things we appreciate are the involvement of the director, Marcus, who is there to greet the kids and parents every single morning and afternoon. The kindness and professionalism at the horse stable has made horseback riding a joy for the kids without any worries on our end. The girls have bonded with their counselors every summer, even when they have spent only a week with some of them. Putting on the Lion King in one week was one highlight this summer, as was kayaking, day trips for the younger kids to places like Planet Gymnastics.

As a working parent, another thing I appreciate about Marcus Lewis Day Camp is the length of the days. When my kids are in other camp weeks that end at noon, I find myself struggling to find something else for them to do in the afternoon. Having them in one place the whole day and a place that they really enjoy is something very special.``

Lauren & Tony with their children Becca & Nate

- Acton, MA

``My daughter Rebecca (now 11 years old) has attended the regular day camp, the cooking camp, and during the most recent summer, the tennis camp. This past year she was especially excited about going to the tennis camp since she has taken tennis lessons with Marcus for the past few years. But, what we actually found was that she loved the facilities and activities at the Day Camp just as much as the tennis lessons. In fact, she spoke more about Mad Science than she did about the tennis classes that she was so looking forward to! As soon as camp ended this summer she asked if she could go back next summer for twice as long. So, we are going to plan for her to be there again for sure.

My son Nate (now 6 years old) has been attending another day camp and we want to look for a new camp experience for him. There is no doubt that he will be attending MLDC next summer too since his sister has consistently enjoyed it year after year. Honestly, the choice is easy for us!

Our thanks to Marcus Lewis and his fabulous staff for making our kids feel so welcomed and safe, but even more for ensuring they have fun while learning through new experiences.``

Carolyn with her daughter Erin

- Chelmsford, MA

``Erin was a 16 year old ``first-timer`` to Marcus lewis Day Camp this past summer. Unfortunately, she hurt her knee the last day of school so she was physically limited and we didn't know if she would be able to go to camp. We were SO impressed with the compassion and willingness of MLDC to accomodate to her limitations and their encouragement for her to attend! She had a wonderful week at camp despite not being able to participate in the more ``physical`` activities. The staff was SO unbelievably attentive to her throughout the day and they really cared that she had a great camp experience. She was amazed at the attention she got!

As a parent, I felt very comfortable in sending her each day, knowing that the staff was concerned about her well-being, physically, socially, and emotionally! Erin is hoping to have an opportunity to maybe return to camp as a CIT next year!

Donna and her daughters Kelsey & Taylor

- Carlisle, MA

``I recently went back to work and had to find a summer day camp for my girls. They were a little nervous about a new camp so we went to a camp fair in January to see our options. As we started down the aisle, I looked up, and to my surprise I see Marcus Lewis. I had played tennis for him years ago and didn’t realize that he also had a day camp. I thought he had just a tennis camp. He immediately engaged my girls in conversation and really got them excited about the program.

I knew right away that this was the perfect camp for my girls. I was a little nervous about leaving them from 9-4 M-F and had to make sure I found a camp I was comfortable with. If there is anyone in this world I would trust with my children, it is Marcus Lewis. I knew they would be safe and have a great time. Marcus greeted us every day at pick up and made sure everything was going well. He even provided water or popsicles for the adults. Now that is service!!!

My girls are 9 and 10 and were in the Apache group and the Teen group. They did the cooking class together their first week, went to their individual groups the next week, then did horseback riding together the third week, and then back to their individual groups. They loved it so much they want to go back next summer for more weeks.

If you are looking for a full service camp with tons of choices, fantastic counselors, great lunches, and have happy children at the end of each day, then I highly recommend the Marcus Lewis Day Camp. You and your children will not be disappointed!!!!``

Kenyon and his dog Niko

- Harvard, MA

``My youngest child has always prefered staying home and playing in the neighborhood to going to camp. We kept trying different camps for half days, one week at a time and we always felt we were dragging him somewhere to 'go have fun.'

Kenyon started at Ultimate Tennis Camp at The Marcus Lewis Tennis Camp the year before Marcus started the day camp. This time Kenyon looked forward to going to camp and loved the competition for prizes and the skills that were set up as lively games. The next year I saw a flyer for MLDC and I called right away. I decided that this would be the guinea camp of that summer. We started at half days for a few weeks and Kenyon soon wanted more weeks of camp. Marcus was flexible, so we just added weeks of camp as we went along. By the next year he was there almost the entire summer for full days. At the end of the day he even wanted to stay with the after camp kids until 5 or 6PM! He has gone to MLDC every year since then for most of the summer. What makes this camp so special? Kenyon says that he loves the counselors and he says that he can choose what to do every day, every week. He says that he can play with all age kids and he can do sports all day if he wants to or not. He says that he has tried everything and finds his favorite things for that summer and dives in. He loves the fact that he can choose what to do, change his mind,and try new things if he feels ready. I like the fact that Marcus has been flexible, allowing us to add weeks, try an adventure day/go back to regular camp, try tennis/go back to regular camp.

This past summer was difficult because Kenyon injured both feet while playing soccer in the spring. He went to camp for the first three weeks and was told to get off his feet for the rest of the summer, finally getting both feet in casts. Marcus let him try to go to camp but Kenyon was unable to do anything he wanted to do and we had to take him out of camp for the rest of the summer. Marcus was supportive, sympathetic and flexible. While Kenyon was sitting home, frustrated that he couldn't do anything that required using his feet, he told me that he wanted to go to MLDC all next summer and hopes to be a counselor there as soon as he is old enough. All this from a kid who 'never liked camp!'

MLDC is not just a regular camp. It is a place where kids are individuals and where the staff makes camp home. Kenyon feels completely comfortable and understood and appreciated for his unique self.

MLDC has been great for my son. I wish his older siblings had had the opportunity to go!``

Laura & her daughter Kristen

- Bedford, MA

In the words of my daughter, ``Marcus Lewis is the most fun camp I've ever been to because it has unbelievable choices of what you can do and awesome counselors who always help and understand you. They always think of the campers first. The lake is usually really warm and there are fun games and songs that everyone enjoys. Some of the choices are really cool, like in cooking you can make your own lunch and it tastes really good.

In performing arts they have a play every summer which you put on for the camp. I really love the themes every week like pirate week. We have beach parties and dancing with a DJ and lots of games. That is why I love Marcus Lewis and soon hope to be a counselor there!``

As you can tell, Kristen just loves going to camp! She has been attending for several years and can't wait to go back again. She loves her counselors and each summer she makes so many new friends. I am very impressed with the staff, how well the camp is run, and the wonderful experiences and opportunities my daughter is offered. This past summer she learned how to scuba dive - how awesome is that! This is no ordinary day camp. I wouldn't send her anywhere else.``

Ann & John with their daughter Natalie

- Stow, MA

``Our daughter was 8 years old three summers ago when we discovered the Marcus Lewis Day Camp. It was her first experience joining any camp or, for that matter, a summer group of any kind. She was shy and reluctant and I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing at the time. But, at pick up that very first afternoon, my daughter jumped into the car full of smiles and stories of how great her day was. She had made two friends and was already asking if she could come back for a second week of camp. I was thrilled and no longer concerned whether she was going to be happy. She finished her third year at Marcus Lewis this past summer, and this year, we granted her the second week she had been eager to have.

It's very clear that Marcus Lewis hires counselors who treat the kids with respect and kindness and who set the best tone for each day by genuinely having fun themselves. The camp makes it exciting with a different theme each week and the opportunity for the kids to decide, as a group, what activities they would like to do for the day. Natalie has never reported a bad experience or even the slightest disappointment. She's especially excited for next year since she'll be old enough to be in the Teen Exploration camp and she'll be able to choose her daily activities on her own. I imagine she'll be spending a lot of time at the lake either swimming or boating, or at the climbing tower (she proudly made it to the top this year), or at archery, or in arts and crafts, or mad science or on the atomic drop!

I confidently and happily recommend the Marcus Lewis Day Camp to any parent wanting an exciting, safe and fun environment for their child. And, with the option of choosing a minimum of one week at a time, it's very easy to fit into a busy summer schedule.

We will be back next year!

Susan & Jim with their children Nathan & Sarah

- Chelmsford, MA

``This was our 7 year old, Nathan's first year attending an official camp and we thought it would be a very difficult decision selecting the right one. Thankfully that was not the case! I started emailing a variety of camps asking them a few questions about their programs. Within hours of my email to the MLDC, Marcus personally replied to me with answers to all of my questions. There were other programs that never responded to my inquiries.

We then met Marcus and some of the staff at the MLDC Open House and we knew from that moment that this was where we wanted Nathan to go for camp. From the facility, to the child to counselor ratio, to the variety of activities they offer, it was just the best program out there.

Once camp started we were a bit nervous sending Nathan off to camp on the MLDC bus from Chelmsford to the Camp but in the end it was such a great option. With both of us working it made the summer a bit easier not worrying about going back and forth to Devens. The bus driver and counselors that drove Nathan were excellent and we never had a worry! The best thing was picking him up at the end of the day as he always came off the bus with a smile from ear to ear just like he did when we dropped him off in the morning. He loved it and can't wait to go back next summer!``

All we can say as parents is that this camp is top notch. The staff was very experienced, patient, fun, and provided a great educational and social expience for our son. We highly recommend MLDC!

We will be back next year!

Stpehanie and her son Max

- Greenville, NH

``I absolutely loved Marcus Lewis Day Camp as did my 6 year old son Maximus. The staff was wonderful and it just was a great experience overall for him. My experience with them was also exceptional. I thought it was wonderful how helpful the staff was and I was so happy to see my son jump into my car every afternoon with a huge smile.

Maximus enjoyed all the activities and is looking forward to returning again next summer. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone who wants their children to have a wonderful time. I know Max did.

Overall we give the camp a 10.``

Tom and Sharon with their son Chris

- Hudson, MA

``We researched several camps in our home town and the surrounding area before choosing Marcus Lewis Day Camp. Our son has attended all 8 weeks for the last two years and has enjoyed EVERY single day of it!

His confidence, ability to make friends and skills in the water have improved significantly each year thanks to the MLDC. The staff’s calm, outgoing and friendly demeanor compliment their attentiveness and concern for protocol, security and safety. What brought us to Marcus Lewis were the facility and the potential it clearly shows. What will keep us coming back to Marcus Lewis is their commitment to quality, exceptional staff that develops relationships with children and between children. The ability of the administration to communicate effectively, to set and meet high expectations is the best I have ever seen.

The comfort that we feel being a part of MLDC; knowing that our son is being looked after, safe, secure, happy and growing as a young person is why we will continue our relationship for years to come with The Marcus Lewis Day Camp! It is for these reasons and more that I whole heartedly recommend MLDC for your child.”

Kathy and her daughters Jessica & Melissa

- Stow, MA

``We keep coming back to Marcus Lewis year after year, mostly because the girls always have a great time, but also because I know they are safe. The staff takes the time to get to know my children and I feel as if everyone at Marcus Lewis is looking out for the their best interests.

My girls have tried many other camps in the area, but always get bored and complain ``Do I have to go?`` This NEVER happens at Marcus Lewis. Every day they come home and tell me how much fun they had and that they always want to head back for more. They love boating, playing at the lake, the arts and crafts, cooking camp and the field trips. Everyday is something different which is great because they are never bored.``

For me, I am always impressed that the staff really listens to your suggestions and takes the time to address any concerns you have. For example, my youngest daughter can be shy and their responsiveness really made me feel great when I notified them regarding my concerns. They went out of their way to check on her and report back to me (by email) how she was doing throughout the day. It made both of us feel great.

We will be back next year!

Eva & Doug with their children Katherine and Michael

- Acton, MA

``The best part of my summer day is picking up two children who burst into the van with smiles and a litany of fun and exciting events to share. For two years running, Marcus Lewis Day Camp has been the reason for this happening. At the completion of the camp year the first words as they enter the van is, 'Can we come back next summer?'

We have a daughter and son, 9 and 12 years old, so keeping both engaged and safe at the same place is always a challenge. They have had camp sessions and special focus camp weeks at the other two big area day camps and they don't want to go back.

When you ask them what makes the Marcus Lewis Day Camp so special they both agree, the best counselors! I watch these counselors greet my children by name each day. The counselors remember activities and likes and dislikes of the children. They engage the children in conversations and best of all, they interact with them in games and activities. My kids are treated with the respect and individuality they deserve all while having fun and learning new things along the way.

The ability to make choices for what happens each day is the other reason they so love this camp. As a Junior Discovery attendee, my 9 year old daughter works with her group to choose the days plans. As a Teen Exploration camper, my 12 year old son gets to choose his whole day. It is great to ask what was offered and why he made the choices he did and to get a thoughtful reply. He has learned to get the most of the activities in his old favorites areas as well as to use the camp to try new things.

The special weekly events, the occasional field trips, the spectacular counselors, and the great facilities (rain or shine) make this camp the only place for our family.``

Roberta and her daughters Abby, Anna and Jessica

- Groton, MA

My three daughters - ages 8,6.5 & 6.5 - had limited camp experience prior to attending MLDC. Since they are young and reluctant to try new things I only enrolled them in the 1/2 day program for week 3 of the camp.

Well, after a very tumultuous drop-off the 1st day (which the MLDC staffers handled brilliantly and calmly) I was convinced that the rest of the week was going to be like pulling teeth just to get the girls to camp. Yet, when I picked the girls up on the 1st half day, they jumped in the car and exclaimed ``we don't want to leave!`` ``Can we stay`` they went on, ``we're going to miss this activity and that activity.`` 'Mommy`` they pleaded ``can we please go full-day the rest of the week and do extended day!``

Wow, I was pleasantly surprised and called the MLDC office to see about getting them in full-time for the remainder of the week. That was not a problem. Marcus (he is a real person!) & his staff go as far as they need to in order make parents & children have the best, most comfortable experience possible. We are already looking forward to future camp experiences where safety is utmost, great learning takes place and lots of laughs are had by all!

Christen and her daughter s Casey and Ashley

- Westford, MA

From the first time I placed a phone call to the Director of Marcus Lewis Day Camp, I knew this was a well run organization. Not only was my phone call returned the same day, we were also invited to attend a Camp Fair as well as an open house!

Upon reviewing the requirements of the counselors and the group size, I was impressed. My nine year old daughter was nervous to try out a new adventure, but after meeting and seeing the camp, her anxiousness disappeared to the continued questioning of ``Mom, how many more days till camp?``

My daughter had attended other summer day camps but I found they where run very loosely with minimal supervision, at best. As a past camp counselor myself, I remembered what was important to the kids as well as myself. All the counselors at Marcus Lewis Day Camp were mature and cared about the children. Safety was always the priority!

As a single working mom, transportation was on the top of my list. Marcus Lewis Camp provided this at designated areas which were extremely convenient. Not to mention if you were to compare Marcus Lewis Camp to the other camps in the area, you get much more, at a reasonable price.

My daughter loved her camping experience. Everyday she would be filled with stories of what she did and learned that day. When I would greet her in the afternoon, she would always have a smile on her face! She loved all the programs offered, swimming and boating were always her first choice. In addition, she loved Arts & Crafts. Marcus Lewis has a well thought out program. The agenda is full of exciting themes of the week and ideas for the children to pick. My daughter has already said she cannot wait until summer to attend Marcus Lewis Day Camp again!

Barbara and her children Katie and John

- Winchester, MA

``The Marcus Lewis Day Camp has been a great find for our family! My children, now ages 7 and 10, have been campers at MLDC for two summers and I expect many more ahead. The opportunity to take horseback riding lessons was what first attracted us and that continues to be a great part of the experience, but we also very much appreciate the wonderful variety of activities, the emphasis on positive values and behavior, the responsible and engaged staff, and the safe, fun, and beautiful environment.

In comparison to other camps we have tried in the past, there are two things that really stand out for me. First, the MDLC staff is very conscientious about safety. At pick-up, parents must always show ID. At other camps, I've gotten the feeling that my child could be picked up by anyone and the staff wouldn't even notice! Secondly, the counselors are very mature and engaged. They seem to truly care about each kid and do everything they can to make sure each camper has a terrific experience. There are no counselors-in-training at MLDC. Counselors at some other camps are what I'd call ``hit or miss``. At Marcus Lewis Day Camp, you can be confident that every counselor is happy to be there and the kids really notice the difference!``

Carol and her daughter Jacquie

- Littleton, MA

``This past summer was our daughter's third year at The Marcus Lewis Day Camp. Each year when we have signed her up, she has always asked for more weeks at camp and so she spent 6 weeks there last summer and enjoyed every week of it.

When school ends, she counts down the days until camp starts. She has made many friends with not only campers but with her counselors as well and looks forward to seeing them when she goes back each year. If you asked her to describe camp at MLDC, she would say ``it's awesome``.

Things she likes about camp: the counselors, the fun themes each week, the SPIRIT program and collecting her SPIRIT beads, being able to choose her activities for part of each day, field trips and loves going to the beach every day for free swim and swimming lessons. Things that my husband and I like about the MLDC: All of the things that our daughter likes, plus……wonderful discount options, flexibility to pick the weeks you want, exceptional staff who truly care about the children and obviously love what they do, the transportation option and the swimming lessons, and the SPIRIT program that teaches great values and social skills. Most of all, we like the confidence we have in the camp knowing that our daughter is being very well taken care of during her days at camp and knowing that she really is having fun, every day she is there. The staff is very responsive, solicits feedback and takes action on the feedback showing how much they truly care about what their customers think.

If you are looking for a safe, fun program that teaches great values and want to know that your child is having fun and in great care, then The Marcus Lewis Day Camp is the place that I would recommend.``

Sarah and her children Leah and Sam

- Harvard, MA

I had never considered sending my children to summer camp before the Marcus Lewis Day Camp came to Harvard. As a part-time working mom, I didn't think I could afford to send my children to camp. However, not only did I find the camp experience an incredible value compared to the other group lessons my children have been involved in but the sheer joy that they derived from the camp made it much much more than worth it. My children absolutely loved it!

The Marcus Lewis Day Camp being situated at the Bromfield School campus gave my children and me great peace of mind: they were familiar with their environment and I loved knowing they were nearby. Plus, the convenience of the camps location allowed me to spend less time commuting and more time actually completing my tasks for the day.

Unlike my own dreary childhood day camp experiences where one may or not have gotten anything out of the activities offered, my children had an opportunity to actually learn and become proficient at various activities. The staff consists of skilled professionals and counselors over the age of 18 plus a registered nurse. The ratio of camper to counselor is 5:1, making it impossible for a child to fall through the cracks. At the MLDC, my children took lessons in archery, boating, soccer, computer lab, baseball, nature, swimming, fishing, arts and crafts and, of course, tennis. Every day at pick-up time the children excitedly told me about all the wonderful adventures they had experienced. In our household, the countdown is already on for next summer at the Marcus Lewis Day Camp!

Kathy & Bob with their children Maggie and Charlie

- Jamaica Plain, MA

``My 8-year-old daughter Maggie had the time of her life at Marcus Lewis Day Camp. She is a horseback riding enthusiast, and I found the camp after searching on the internet. It is one of the few camps to offer riding for younger kids.

The riding program was excellent, but the thing that surprised me most was how much she loved everything else, too. Maggie enjoyed the boating, swimming and nature activities as much as the horseback riding. The counselors were FABULOUS. They did a great job of making her feel comfortable right away. When I picked Maggie up the first day, she had a huge smile on her face and told me, ``Even the bus ride to the stables was fun!`` The counselor had played word games with kids on the bus.

The camp does a great job communicating with parents and provides a weekly newsletter detailing the week's activities. Everything is very well organized. We live in Boston and I was worried that the commute would be difficult, but it only took about an hour, and now that I know how well run the camp is, I'd even consider having Maggie take the bus. Maggie is really looking forward to coming back this summer and her brother will be joining her as well.``

Rhonda and her daughters Kayla and Caryssa

- Lancaster, MA

I learned about the Marcus Lewis Day Camp through a flyer that I received in the mail this past Spring. There are not a lot of camps available for children over the age of thirteen, so I was very pleased to find a camp that offered programs up until age sixteen.

As I have always worked full-time, my daughters, aged fourteen and twelve, have participated in a variety of Summer camps and recreation programs. Our experience this past Summer with the Marcus Lewis Day Camp has truly been the most enjoyable and fulfilling. The girls attended the camp for three weeks and I believe this was not long enough for them. They really enjoyed all the electives that were offered to them and the wonderful staff.

Marcus Lewis offers such a wonderful variety of electives that the children can choose from. Some of the electives are educational, some character building and some just plain ``fun``. Both the girls and I also enjoyed the fantastic staff at Marcus Lewis. They were always energized, enthusiastic and positive influences on the girls. They always worked as a team and taught the girls how important it is to be a team player.

In addition, Marcus Lewis offered an extended day program for working parents who need that little bit of extra time for traveling etc. This was great for me as I have a 40 minute commute. The extended day program kept the girls occupied with several different activities from computers to arts and crafts and allowed me the peace of mind of knowing that they were safe and in good hands until I was out of work.

I highly recommend this camp to children of all ages and anticipate that my girls will be attending again in the Summer of 2004 with hopes that it will be available for my four year old when she is old enough.

Gabrielle and her daughter Elena

- Wellesley, MA

I want to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone at the Marcus Lewis Day Camp for making my daughter's first weeks at the camp so smooth and enjoyable. I am truly amazed at the amount of attention and care that has gone into every detail of her schedule at camp. From the long bus ride from Wellesley (which picks her up at her regular elementary school and has a lovely bus monitor at all times) to her special activities which include horseback riding at the Harmony Horse Stables, boating and swimming.

You have done a remarkable job of making her (and me) feel cared about and special. She loves camp and looks forward to it everyday and wishes she could spend even more time there! I cannot begin to express my thanks for helping her to have a happy and healthy summer! I look forward to many more years to come.

Elizabeth and her son Christopher

- Harvard, MA

The Marcus Lewis Day Camp promises much and more than delivers. I was initially apprehensive about our 6 year old son Christopher attending a new camp with councilors and campmates that he did not know. After the first day I was convinced that he was in very safe, nurturing hands in which he could explore new challenges like boating, fishing and the arts.

The counselors take a personal interest in making sure that each day is challenging, educational and fun for each child. Although we take advantage of the extended day program and Christopher is one of the first kids to arrive, he still wants to be the last to leave. The quality of the Marcus Lewis Day Camp is topnotch and we look forward to Christopher attending the camp for years to come.

Gail and her children Caroline and Olivia

- Westford, MA

What a wonderful camp experience my six and seven-year-old daughters had this summer at Marcus Lewis Day Camp! This is the first time we enrolled our girls in day camp. We came across the program one day while browsing the web. The website itself was very informative. There were so many activities to choose from and we were impressed with how the daily activities were driven by the campers choice and not by a predetermined schedule. We decided to enroll the girls for one week to ``try it out``. We went to the Open House prior to camp starting. There the girls got to meet several counselors and learn about what to expect over the summer. The facilities at the Bromwell School were impressive and the grounds were inviting. I wish there was a camp like this when I was young!

When we arrived the first day, we were greeted by the same familiar faces of the staff members we met during the Open House. Needless to say, the girls were a little hesitant to leave my side however, this was short-lived once they met their counselors, Lauren and Courtney. They warmly greeted the girls by first name, took them by the hand and showed them to their lockers. My usually-hesitant children must have felt very safe because soon they were sending me off!! It was absolutely heart warming to hear my two excited children tell me all about the fun activities they did each day. Even more unbelievable was how they woke up early each morning, dressed and ready to go for camp! During the year, my girls attend a day care center in our town. Getting them dressed and motivated to go to the center is a chore and they never beg me to go back. Usually they beg me to stay home!

My daughters were excited to try activities they never got to try before like fishing, boating, and archery. They loved earning their S.P.I.R.I.T beads and my youngest daughter was so proud to have earned the Spirit Award for her group. The personalized attention my children received made me feel as if they were the only campers there! All of the staff members were so helpful and positive. As I observed the staff interact with the children, it was obvious that they genuinely cared for the children and were having as much fun as the campers! I felt secure leaving my children at camp each day and it really put my mind at ease knowing that they were going to have a great time. Drop-off and pick-up time was very well organized and so convenient. I never had to leave the car. My only regret is that I did not sign up for more weeks. We are already planning on spending a good portion of next summer at Marcus Lewis Day Camp.

The Marcus Lewis Day Camp is truly a special place for and about kids. I would recommend it without reservation.

Dave & Carla with their children Caroline and Molly

- Littleton, MA

This was a great summer for our two girls as they had their first experience with day camp. It was a learning experience for all of us. The kids did one session at the Marcus Lewis Day Camp. It was great! They loved every minute of it. They couldn't wait to get there each morning and wanted to stay longer at the end of the day. The counselors were fabulous with both girls. Our older daughter is more quiet and reserved. She had more doubts about going. Her doubts disappeared the first day. She loved being able to choose her activities. She especially loved learning about the skills involved with the canoes and kayaks.

Later in the summer for comparison purposes we sent the kids to a surrounding town's less expensive recreation day camp. Our eight year-old was fine, but she did not love it as much. Our eleven year-old did not care for her experience at all. The conversations between campers and counselors was many times inappropriate. She did not end up even finishing the week! We learned our lesson.

We thank The Marcus Lewis staff for giving our kids a fun, safe and nurturing camp experience.

Michael & Lucille with their children Brittany and Jackie

- Harvard, MA

Brittany and Jackie had been attending another day camp for the past few years. They were a bit nervous about changing camps because they were so familiar with the other camp. After just a few days, it was obvious that we made the right choice. The variety of activities and the ability to make choices of what they wanted to participate in was a great change from their past experience. And the special trips or visitors who came to the camp was a huge hit with both girls. They are excited about going back next year. Thanks for a great program!

Barbara and her children Katie and John

- Littleton, MA

I am so glad I chose to send my two children, ages 8 and 9, to The Marcus Lewis Day Camp this summer. It was their first experience with all day camp, and they absolutely loved it. My son was the most timid about going to a day camp, and when I picked them up after the first day his first words were ``It is so cool here, Mom! Can I go next week, too?`` There were several aspects that make this camp so special for my children and other campers.

The staff is first rate. I was pleased to see that the counselors are college age or older, and their maturity and enthusiasm were quite apparent when I observed them with the campers. They were always smiling and interacting with the campers when I picked them up at the end of the day. Sometimes a few counselors told me about Kate and John's day. I was so impressed that the director always made an effort to approach each car at pick up time, and say hi and make a comment about the child's day. The staff always made me feel connected to my children's camp experience.

John and Kate loved the activities offered at The Marcus Lewis Day Camp. They enjoyed learning new swim strokes, and loved going out on the canoes with other campers and counselors. John can't wait to try sailing when he gets a bit older. Water safety is a huge issue with me, and again, I felt re-assured with an older staff and certified instructors supervising the campers.

The computer class and archery were a big hit with both of my children. Kate got to actually look up the definitions of the words that the camp uses for their philosophy: sincerity, perseverance, interaction, responsibility, integrity and teamwork (S.P.I.R.I.T.) They also received beads each day (that they could string on a piece of leather on their backpacks), for exhibiting any of these qualities during camp time. And, believe me, they loved comparing stories of how they received a certain bead that day!

The biggest hit was the end of the week theme day on Fridays. One week they had 'Carnival Day'. The rain didn't stop the staff from creating numerous fun games for the campers INDOORS! The pie in the councilor's face was a huge hit, along with relay races, face painting, hula hoop contests and it went on and on.

In closing, I always felt my children were safe at this camp. They are very strict about showing identification at pick up time, and I'm thrilled that they seem to go the extra mile in all aspects of the camp to ensure safety at all times for the campers. John and Kate felt a part of a tight group, had tons of fun, learned new skills, and would strive to achieve rewards for positive behavior. They were given tender loving care, and made to feel so special as an individual, and were praised constantly. John said to me, ``Tim says I'm SO good at Frisbee golf, and the swim teacher can't believe how well I do the crawl!`` What more could we want? We look forward to seeing everyone next year!


- Groton, MA

When my daughter Meghan first went to Marcus Lewis Day Camp she was nervous. That first morning driving over there we talked the whole ride of what we thought it would be like. Then in the afternoon when I picked up, the smile on her face told me it was better than she thought. She has continued to go for 3 years now, and loves every day.

This past session she participated in the Chef's Kitchen, where they were able to learn about cooking and created a kid-friendly three course meal. She said the ``Chef guy was cool and I learned a lot.`` One of Meghan's favorite parts of the MLDC camp is the concept of unity. She never feels left out or that one group does more than another group. The spirit bracelet is a great concept, as it assists Meghan in learning about herself and positive reinforcement. I think that is the beauty of this camp; that the kids learns life long lessons and they don't seem to realize it.

The message of MLDC is consistent at all levels of interaction. Meghan feels the message about caring for your peers and respecting feelings. At the end of her session there, she had made new friends and learned new activities, which makes the experience fun and exciting but also sad when she leaves for the last time. She has no complaints about the camp, except she can't go the whole summer. She is looking for to next summer and is anxiously anticipating the fun and the new friends.

Rebecca and her son Jordan

- Littleton, MA

``Marcus Lewis Day Camp has been a wonderful experience not only for Jordan, our now eight year-old son, but for our entire family. This is far from being just another camp. Marcus Lewis Day Camp is run by a wonderful director who is caring, warm friendly, hard working and a mother herself. From Jordan's first day three summers ago, she and the staff made all of us feel very comfortable and excited about the camp experience.

Jordan started with one week his first summer and let us know that this was the camp he wanted to go to from now on. He has attended for five weeks during both his second and third summers with enthusiasm and excitement. He loves being able to choose with his group what activities they will do for the day and there is such a wide variety of choices. This summer, having the pop group perform was the highlight for Jordan.

Marcus Lewis Day Camp keeps us updated every week in a newsletter with what took place for the campers and our children. Counselors also send home a note letting us know how our child is doing and what he especially enjoyed during that week.

Margie and staff pay special attention to the counselor staff they bring in. We love the camp not only because we feel that it is run professionally, but also that the counselors are older and really care about being there. It is obvious that they do not stop working once camp is over and that everything is carefully planned throughout the year.

We feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful camp so close to home. We look forward to having Jordan be a part of the Marcus Lewis Day Camp family for many years to come!``