Teen Exploration

Our core camps are based on a choice/progression curriculum which provides campers with an option to choose from offered activities and develop skills in the process. This decision making program allows teens to choose their activities on an individual basis while junior campers learn to work as a team within their own group to make those choices.

Unlike most day camps where teens feel “too old” or they are limited from a lack of services, the MLDC features the most comprehensive and engaging program of its kind. The Teen Exploration Camp is for campers who will be entering the sixth through tenth grades in the coming fall. The camp operates from 9:00am-4:00pm and is the only 100{ee187ea8ca0629e6b5c27913577180e820c58da259772cd334c30b1ac488e86a} free choice program for teens. This exciting and innovative program allows campers to choose ALL of their activities each day based on their skill development. Campers can specialize in artistic, athletic, technology based activities or they can choose other, varied interests. This concept allows us to provide a great experience for every type of camper versus having to have the camper strive to assimilate into a program that may not be a good match for him or her.

Twice a week, campers can further customize their camp experience by choosing two-hour electives. These workshops allow campers to refine existing interests or discover new pursuits. Featuring a wide variety of electives, courses range from hands-on educational classes to recreational hobbies. Examples of electives and daily activities campers can choose from may include:

Archery, Basketball, Canoeing, Card Making, Drawing, Fishing, Flag Football, Hiking & Hockey, Improvisation, Jewelry Making, Kayaking, Laser Tag, Nature Studies, Outdoor Cooking, Painting, Paper Mache, Ping-Pong, Quidditch, Red Cross Swim Lessons, Rowing, Sailing, Science Projects, Scuba Diving, Soccer, Swimming, Tie-dye, Video Production

(Note: listed activities are not all available at the same time! See our FAQ section)

Team-building themes are built throughout the curriculum that focus on cooperation and leadership development. We have also designated specific times during the week that are utilized for the express purpose of concentrating in these areas.

At the Marcus Lewis Day Camp, providing low camper to counselor ratios is a cornerstone of our program. The ratios are approximately 5:1 of ADULTS to campers. Why do we capitalize “adults?” Because many programs will advertise a similar ratio or one that is even lower, however they often fail to mention that they calculate a 14 or 15 year-old junior counselor into that equation. We have teen leaders who assist with very simple tasks, however they are not placed into supervisory roles and they are never calculated into our ratios.

Both the Junior Discovery and Teen camps are based on a very unique and progressive philosophy that involves the building of a camper’s self-esteem and self-image through a system that is exclusive to our camp. Our “Spirit Concept” model was designed specifically as the answer to weaving character building themes within the framework of engaging and enjoyable activities. Click here if you would like to learn more about this progressive system.

Our Teen Exploration Camp is also offered as a half-day program for those who are interested in a shorter version. Click here to find out more. We also recommend viewing the activities page which illustrates the various activity areas that are used for our program.

Lunch is included and you can read more about the choices here. Dates and rates for this and all camps can be accessed via the link menu on the left or by clicking here.

Each week has a distinct theme. 

MLDC 2020 Theme Weeks:
Week 1: Summer- Full STEAM Ahead! (June 22nd to 26th)
Week 2: Stars & Stripes Forever (June 29th to July 3rd)
Week 3: Space is the Place (July 6th to 10th)
Week 4: Summer Holiday Mashups (July 13th to 17th)
Week 5: Superheroes (July 20th to 24th)
Week 6: Shark Week (July 27th to 31st)
Week 7: A Magical Mystery Ride (August 3rd to 7th)
Week 8: Spirit Week (August 10th to 14th)
Week 9: Happy Endings (August 17th to 21st)

Sample Daily Schedules For The Teen Exploration Camp :