Ultimate Tennis Camp

Ultimate Tennis Camp (UTC) is designed for the beginner through intermediate player and it by far offers the most fun and positive reinforcement possible in a tennis camp.

The premise behind UTC is for players to have a great time while learning text-book strokes. While campers focus on their form, they are constantly working on their aim and control by trying to hit cones or make baskets. When a camper hits a cone, he or she receives points and then gets to play one of many special games (almost like a game-show) where more points are awarded. These points can be used to purchase items at the end of the week such as water bottles, tennis balls, sunglasses, etc. If a camper decides to, he/she may keep the points and redeem them online for much larger prizes such as a Wii game system, American Girl Doll, gift certificates and other impressive items. A list of the prizes can be found by clicking here.

The beauty of UTC is that :
  1. Players have a fantastic time. Each time a camper hits a cone or makes a basket (and all campers do eventually), they are rewarded in a positive fashion. Campers leave UTC feeling great about themselves and great about the sport of tennis.
  2. Players are instructed CORRECTLY. The last thing you want is to have your child learning improper techniques that you will have to pay someone else to fix later. Tennis is our forte and you can rest assured that your child is learning the correct form that will allow him or her to progress further if he or she desires to continue with the sport.
  3. Players are instructed by PROFESSIONALS; not high school counselors that have simply played the game before. Instructors for this program are all part of The Marcus Lewis Tennis Center where the staff teach year-round.

A tremendous advantage with all of our specialty camps is that campers can participate in the many other activities that are offered during the afternoons by joining in with their Junior Discovery group or the Teen Exploration program.

Campers registered for specialty programs also have the option of taking the morning off from their specialty to join the Junior Discovery or Teen Exploration camps if they would prefer instead to participate in those activities. Again, there is fantastic flexibility with these programs so that your camper returns to you with a wonderful smile and great stories to share.

Dates and rates for this and all camps can be accessed via the link menu on the left or by clicking here. Our exceptional lunch program is also included with this camp.

Sample Daily Schedule For Ultimate Tennis Camp :